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8 Things You Can Do Right Now to Feel Young Again

We all grow old, physically, spiritually, and mentally. Follow these 8 steps to turn back time and feel young again.

Free Will and the Path to Self Discovery

We all forge our own future thanks to the power of free will. The question is, are you making the most of this power to discover who you really are?

The Dr. Lo Show Podcast

In this interview, I sit down with Dr. Lauren Noel (Dr. Lo) from the Dr. Lo Show and Shine Natural Medicine to discuss mental toughness.

Unlocking the Magic of Intent: Your Journey to Stronger Relationships and Inner Bliss

The power of positive intent can change your life, your relationships, and your outlook. In this article, I go deep into the power of intent for self-growth and cultivating relationships into soul-mate status.

The Trauma Therapist Podcast

Getting Back In The Game with Colleen Ryan-Hensley.

Spotlight with Laurie Hardie

Learn why taking ownership of your healing process is important. Focus on you before relationships with others.

Sass Says Podcast

In this 1-hour podcast, I sit down with Christie Rocha from Sass Says. We talk about therapy, my time in the Navy and overcoming sexual assault. Join in!

Spotlight with Laurie Hardie Podcast

Spotlighting #BingingSober.

Fraternity Foodie Podcast

Join Mike Ayalon and I as we talk about habits, the Navy, and Binging Sober. A must for parents with kids off for college.