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Connect with any of this?

You're overwhelmed by all of the "self help".

Your desire for balance feels like a distant dream.

Your days are moving faster and your productivity has stalled.

You're looking for a deeper connection with real life experiences.

You want to take control and live a more fulfilling life.

What if you Binged on Sober instead?

You binge watch, binge eat, binge drink because it's what you've been taught. 

What if you binged on sober instead?

Let's embrace the full meaning of sober—an overall clarity of mind.

It’s about connecting with real life and making time for experiences that truly count.

Join me as we embrace a new kind of binging. One that’s connected to the world around us.

Because here, being sober isn’t just about managing mind-numbing habits—it’s about living life fully and dynamically well,

adapting to each day as it comes.

Wellness is ever-changing, shaped by how you spend your time

& interact with the world.


Identify your go-to escape methods and how they impact your wellness and your energy for life.


Balance your efforts and energy by integrating mindful practices that promote a steady, fulfilling approach to wellness.


Practice and improve self-regulation over escape methods slowly and intentionally by embracing a more natural state of mind.

Turn habitual escapism into purposeful, conscious escape and gain control of your life and wellness.

What it IS

A state of heightened awareness

A proactive approach to wellness

Rising above mind-numbing habits

An exploration of genuine presence in real life

A conscious choice to differentiate between pleasure and toxic escape

A framework to reduce toxic escapism

About achieving awareness, balance and control

Advocating for mindful indulgence

What it IS NOT

Simply an abstinence from substances or indulgences

A rigid, one-size-fits-all solution

About judging ourselves or others

A denial or rejection of the natural drive to escape

An escape from life’s challenges or difficult emotions

A quick-fix for deeper emotional or psychological challenges

Merely a trend or fleeting movement

Shaming or alienating individuals based on their choices


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