The Human Behind the Movement

From daydreams inspired by sea tales to a decade navigating the seas herself, Colleen Ryan-Hensley's life has been a testament to resilience and transformation. A Navy veteran and now a fervent advocate for mental health and wellness, Colleen's journey has been shaped by embracing challenges that revealed her true strength.

Colleen holds a degree in applied sport psychology and an advanced degree in performance psychology, and she is a candidate for certification as a Certified Mental Performance Coach with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. She is also a Certified HeartMath® Trainer. She thrived in the Navy, learning that true toughness involves facing your inner world as much as overcoming external challenges. Today, she dedicates her life to empowering others through Grace C. Ryan, Performance Enhancement, LLC, where she translates high-performance mental strategies into practical, everyday tools for mindset enhancement and personal fulfillment.

At #BingingSober, Colleen invites you to join her adventure, a path paved by continuous personal growth and the commitment to turning life's challenges into opportunities for profound personal change.

Here, we don't just strive; we thrive by embracing every day as a new chapter in our ongoing story of wellness and discovery.

Colleen Ryan-Hensley - Founder & CEO


Regaining Control & Rediscovering Clarity

From binge drinking and compulsive shopping to hours-long TV marathons, many of us use these common practices as escapes without fully considering their impact on our wellness, both immediately and over time. These habits, while seemingly harmless at first, can spiral into cycles that affect not only our health but our everyday wellness. It’s essential to recognize these patterns for what they are: a form of escapism that, left unchecked, can dictate the quality of our lives. Control them, or they control you.

#BingingSober evolved from a necessity during Colleen's Navy service, where isolation at sea minimized access to habitual escapisms. Embracing 'sober binges' similar to her days at sea, Colleen rediscovered clarity and connection. This practice became her pathway to transformative healing, anchoring her during and after her service. Officially shared in 2023, #BingingSober represents Colleen’s ongoing commitment to spreading this method. Step into a world where challenges fuel growth and each moment is an opportunity to transform, leading to a better life rich with acceptance, meaning, and harmony.

The Mission

We support people ready for change by helping them understand and manage their escapisms, fostering daily practices that enhance well-being and contribute to a more fulfilling life.

The Vision

We fuel a movement of balanced and intentional living as a foundation for personal and societal growth where people manage life’s pressures with grace.