Sass Says Podcast

In this 1-hour podcast, I sit down with Christie Rocha from Sass Says. We talk about therapy, my time in the Navy and overcoming sexual assault. Join in!

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Join Christie Rocha and I as we talk about overcoming sexual assault, healing and being mentally tough.

Christie is the host of Sass Says, a podcast that focuses on the power and benefits of therapy. While Christie isn't a therapist herself, she is an advocate for therapy and having someone to lean on.

Let's face it, life isn't always easy, and therapists can act as that support when you don't have anyone else to turn to.

No matter what kind of trauma you've experienced, a therapist can help you make sense of it give you tips for healing and finding peace.

Healing from trauma requires a few ingredients:

a) Facing your emotions head on

b) Being mentally tough

c) Having someone you can talk to (talking to yourself in public isn't recommended)

So go ahead and put your headphones in and listen to episode 147 of the Sass Says Podcast!