The Dr. Lo Show Podcast

In this interview, I sit down with Dr. Lauren Noel (Dr. Lo) from the Dr. Lo Show and Shine Natural Medicine to discuss mental toughness.

The Dr. Lo Radio Podcast

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In this radio podcast, I sit down with Dr. Lo, aka Dr. Lauren Noel. She is the host of the Dr. Lo show and is the founder of Shine Natural Medicine. She is a renowned naturopathic doctor, a fertility expert, an advocate for healthcare reform and "food as medicine".

While Dr. Lo typically works with patients as it relates to their "physical" state, the mental state is so important for our everyday existence.

In this interview, Dr. Lo and I talk about mental toughness and peeling back the layers of repressed emotions to get to the root cause of pain (both physical and emotional) and illness that is oftentimes unexplainable. We go deep into the relationship between the mind and body and of course the "Binging Sober" method I used over the last 15 years to go from diving to thriving.

We also talk about the challenges of finding a therapist and some tips for finding one that's right for you.

We don't always realize this, but past traumatic experiences play a huge role in shaping our habits and actions of today. If you want to learn more about Dr. Lo, my story and the interconnection between our mind and body, this podcast is for you!