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A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast

Let's talk about surviving sexual assault and thriving with Lorilee Binstock.

Portland Afternoon Live: Stop Living on Auto-Pilot

A news segment where I talk about binging sobriety for a more fulfilling life where you are not constantly on autopilot.

Thrive: Mental Health and the Art of Living Free

Binge sober with Colleen Ryan-Hensley.

The Matter Over Mind Podcast with Naredo Zeco Powell

How escapisms impact our lives and mental health.

The Mental Health Toolbox with Patrick Martin

#BingingSober vs Abstinence: How Redefining Mental Toughness Can Expedite Recovery and Prevent Escapism.

The Save the Kids Podcast with Nate Web

Save the Kids! #BingingSober with Colleen Ryan-Hensley.

Portland AM Northwest: Redefine your relationship with alcohol

It's time we start seeing sobriety as much more than only this or that.

Health Bite with Dr. Adrienne

Expert strategies for mental health and mental toughness.

7 Steps to Finding a Therapist That Fits

My tried and true 7 step method to finding a therapist that fits.