A Trauma Survivor Thriver's Podcast

Let's talk about surviving sexual assault and thriving with Lorilee Binstock.

Colleen Ryan-Hensley talks with Lorilee Binstock on her podcast a trauma survivor thriver image of podcast artwork

Mental health podcaster and writer, Lorilee Binstock and I get together on a live Fireside Chat to discuss what is means to be a performance coach and what led me to that profession.

We discuss how mental health affects your day-to-day ability to thrive. Being mentally tough isn't just for those who are in the military, professional athletes, or fortune 500 CEOs. Being mentally tough and resilient in your everyday life makes you better equipped to handle anything that's thrown at you.

Being mentally tough is only half the battle though. We analyze why it is important to not just be tough to push through the hard times, but also to take time to process those suppressed emotions so that they don't become emotions that are buried away and come back to haunt you later in life.

For me I buried the sexual assault that happened while I was in the Navy. While I was mentally strong and carried on, this repressed emotion affected me long after my days in the military.

Lorilee was a great host and her podcast has some amazing guests from a wide range of backgrounds, experience, and expertise. I highly recommend checking out Trauma Survivor Thriver.